Costs of building a CNG station

There are a few factors to consider – what kind of vehicles will be fueling there and what type of station are you wanting to build?

Some CNG fueling stations may be dedicated to serving one type of vehicle, like cars versus trucks, or have separate facilities.  It helps the CNG fueling station to offer a specialized service and adhere to the standards for supplying CNG safely to certain types of vehicles.

The design of the CNG fueling station is made considering the estimated number of vehicles it may serve in a day. This is done after considering the local population and the flow of traffic through that area. The number of vehicles served also helps the CNG fueling station in arriving at an estimated volume of CNG that it will receive from the gas supplier.

A certain station may not serve all consumers.  There are CNG fueling stations that serve the general public while there are also CNG fueling stations that are dedicated for a specific business or fleet of vehicles.

In addition to providing CNG fueling facilities, a CNG fueling station also provides other services such as housing a convenience store or a service station, where you can get an oil change.

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